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My name is Michael Reed, and I am running for Congress in the Sixth Congressional District of Maryland. The Sixth District represents Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick, Carroll, and portions of Montgomery, Baltimore and Harford Counties. I represent the Constitution Party* and I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I met my wife Tina at the end of 1999, and we married in Dec. 2001. In 2005 we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Alexandra.

I was born in December of 1971 in Greencastle, Indiana. My Mom and Dad (Vicki and Dick Reed) met at Fairmont State College in West Virginia. After they married in 1967, Dad shortly thereafter obtained a job at IBM. Over the next 25 or so years, we moved around, from Indiana to New Jersey and back again. Then we headed to Minnesota, before settling in Derwood, Maryland in 1986. We were a middle class family an endangered species these days.

After graduating from Magruder High School in 1990, I attended the University of Richmond (B.A. in History and American Studies) from 1990-94, and the University of Tulsa College of Law (J.D. in Comparative and International Law) from 1994-97. I came back to the Montgomery County, Maryland area in 1998 where I took the Maryland bar exam and began life as a lawyer. Since 2002, I have been involved in the title company industry,assisting borrowers and homebuyers with purchases and refinances in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. When the economy took a downturn, I founded a law firm at the beginning of 2008, and started a title company later that year (Associate Settlements, LLC).

I have always tried keeping up with politics. In addition to watching conventions and election returns, some of my earliest political memories are (a) watching on TV a retrospective on President Ford prior to Jimmy Carter taking office, (b) the releases of the hostages in Iran, (c) President Reagan getting shot, and (d) riding in the US Capitols underground rail system with Sen. Ted Kennedy during a chance meeting one spring day in the early 1980s.

I am writing not to request a contribution or donation, but to ask you to take the opportunity to consider giving me the privilege of serving in the United States House of Representatives for a two-year term. I believe that trust must continually be earned in order to be elected; however, it also must also be maintained once an elected official is in office, otherwise, the trust can erode over time. I believe that elected officials are public servants that should be in office only a limited amount of time.

I believe that if you take an opportunity to meet me or read what I have written, then you might feel that I am a viable candidate to serve Maryland in the House of Representatives. I believe it is time to take a stand against the establishment parties and politicians in Washington by stating that enough is enough.

If you have an opportunity, please visit my website at, or visit my Twitter site @ReedForMaryland, or Facebook site: Michael Reed for Congress. Or simply email me at or give me a call at (240) 498-6833. I would be happy to talk to you.



1. *Life**:* For all human beings, from conception to natural death;

2. *Liberty**:* Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;

3. *Family**:* One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;

4. *Property**:* Each individual's right to own and steward personal property without government burden;

5. *Constitution**:* and Bill of Rights interpreted according to the actual intent of the Founding Fathers;

6. *States' Rights**:* Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people;

7. *American Sovereignty**:* American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.

Michael S. Reed, Esq.
Constitution Party Candidate
United States House of Representatives
Sixth Congressional District of Maryland P.O. Box 1873 Frederick, MD 21702-0873
Phone: (240) 498-6833